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About Us

About us

Who We Are:
TransGlobal Educational (TGE) aim to be a leader in providing quality education, training and tailor made corporate training courses to both individuals and organizations.  The Company is registered in England and Wales and operates from a hub in Luton - East of England.

Our Approvals:
We have the accreditation of some of the highest regarded education regulators in the United Kingdom; Edexcel (Pearson) and ATHE. Our Mission is to work alongside many other agencies to deliver the best in terms of content and value.

Our Vision:
We are a very focused organisation, driven by integrity. Our dedicated team comes from a wide variety of professions, allowing us to deliver an exceedingly high level of quality and professionalism in our services.

Our Courses:
We currently offer Postgraduate, Undergraduate, Vocational and Corporate training courses worldwide. TransGlobal Educational (TGE) has a respectable reputation for delivering some of the best customised training within the UK.

Everything we do at Transglobal Educational (TGE) has a global dimension with a careful consideration of the diverse backgrounds of our participants. Our candidates are given unparalleled opportunities to experience business management within an international context. We enjoy established links with leading business establishments and organisations all over the world.

Our programmes participants are so far drawn from countries as diverse as France, Malawi, India, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Holland, Gambia, China, Zambia and Malaysia.

Our Promise:

  • Our learners will enjoy the unifying benefits of consistent training regardless of location, as well as the flexibility of choosing a delivery method that suits their needs on-site as well as virtual learning.
  • Our size, infrastructure and resources enable us to offer an unprecedented training programme which is designed to deliver the relevant, cutting edge skills that are essential for the business of today and to prepare tomorrow's managers for a successful future.
  • We offer practical and innovative approach to training.

For more information please feel free to contact us today.

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Our Accreditations & Partners

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